Springfield Echelon Captured Stainless Guide Rod

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Springfield Echelon One Piece Guide Rod (Captured)

  • Loaded with 15lb (factory weight) or 17lb (extra power)
  • One piece stainless steel
  • Captured Flatwire ISMI Spring
  • 30 Grams


This piece stainless guide rod for the Sprinfield Echelon adds weight and reliability to your gun. Don't depend on a 2 piece plastic guide rod! Our rods are swiss turned from stainless steel and use a 15lb (factory) or 17lb flatwire springs to better tune your pistol.  The captured  flatwire spring will endure many thousand rounds and help with the recoil impulse of the firearm. Springs and rods are 100% made here in Indiana.





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Echelon Guide Rod