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January 20, 2023

AMAZING AND IMPRESSIVE WORK! Its difficult to find a company that can cut 1911s and even harder to find ones that can cut SIG 1911s. ZRTS has exceeded all expectations. Fine craftsmanship and at a competitive price! I had sent in my SIG 1911 with a Trijicon mounting plate and in about a weeks time, had it back on and putting work with it. Definitely will keep ZRTS at the top of my list for future projects!

Craig S.

November 19, 2022

As long as I’ve had my GSG 1911 22 I’ve been plagued with light primer strikes. Over the years I tried lots of different brands of ammo with varying results but nothing solved it completely. The ammo with the best results (Aguilla) gave me one every 10-15 rounds or so. I Installed this firing pin and it solved the problem. Shot 100 rounds today without a single light primer strike. So excited that this gun is actually useful now, thanks for a great product that solved my problem.

Romeo Maldonado

October 20, 2022

firing pin arrived on time and fit perfectly. took to range and fired 300 rnds no problem. thank you for having this when i couldn’t find one anywhere else.


October 6, 2022

Fits perfectly on B & T Mk ii. Great craftsmanship, fit and finish.

Ross Pogan

September 28, 2022

Almost too beautifully machined to install on such an inexpensive pistol! But I did install it, and it works perfectly. I will be purchasing the rest of the catalogue for the GSG as funds permit. Could not be happier with ZRT!

Mike A.

September 11, 2022

Had a stainless USP 45 and USP Tactical cut for RMR, great results. They also took on the work of cutting for an ACRO P2 for my Mark 23 after multiple other places turned me down. I couldn’t be happier with the results.

Pricing was very reasonable and turn around time on all 3 slides was rapid, highly recommended.

Clyde Sheets

August 11, 2022

Call me impressed! I read previous surveys that were so good you’d of thought the owner wrote them. Allow me to elaborate. I sent my kimber covert 2 in to have it milled for a rmr2 tracking alerted me at 10:30 am. Arrived at mail room at ZRT. At 3:30 I received notice with tracking info and details attached. Wanting to see the work before adding this survey, I can without a doubt assure any sceptic this company does impeccable work , absolutely unbelievable turn around and the best most informative customer service and the guy in tech was awesome with his advice and experience. Outstanding company to do business with! I don’t know the owner But he’s my new best friend! OH the best part their prices are as awesome as they are! Thank u ZRT for an experience not seen in a long time!

Pinder C

July 5, 2022

High quality and VERY durable. In addition to the added capacity, it really does serve nicely as an aid to pull and swap mags quickly. Will be purchasing more!

Brodie Hutcherson

June 28, 2022

These guys are awesome. I had my 516 barrel cut from 14.5 to 11.5 and the accuracy is astonishing with just 55gr ammo. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend these guys to anyone.

Joe McCabe

June 22, 2022

5 stars for value. I recently installed magwells on my Q4 & Q5 SFs and needed to change baseplates. Looked around and found these in stock for a great price. Easy install & they work as advertised. I just unearthed a couple more M2 mags that were mixed up with some M1 mags and ordered another 2 of the plates. If I decide to add a magwell to my 5in M1 PPQ I’ll certainly order more. 👍🏻

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