Expediting Service


  • Upgrade the speed of our service turnaround
  • 24 hours from receipt of your slide/barrel (WEEKDAYS ONLY)
  • Does not include transit time either direction
  • See description below for additional terms and shipping times
  • Non refundable


This upcharge provides 24 hours turnaround (Weekdays!) on service work. This means we will complete, and ship your slide or barrel within 24 hours of receiving it. NOTE: This is independent of carrier pickups, shipping delays, etc. DOES NOT INCLUDE WEEKENDS. We are not open Saturday or Sunday. If your slide arrives at 4PM on Friday, we have until 4PM Monday to get it prepped for UPS/USPS.

UPS Pickup Time: 3:30PM EST

USPS Pickup Time: 12:30PM EST


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