Walther PDP Ultra Brass Guide Rod

ZR Tactical Solutions
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ZR Tactical Solutions ULTRA BRASS Guid Rod Walther PDP &PPQ


Introducing the ZR Tactical Solutions Recoil-Reducing Guide Rod specifically designed for the Walther PDP pistol. This innovative upgrade enhances shooting performance by reducing felt recoil and improving overall control. Crafted from a single piece of american sourced brass and equipped with a proprietary spring system, this guide rod is a must-have accessory for any Walther PDP enthusiast.

Weight: 47 Grams

OEM: 15 grams


9mm only!

Model Barrel
PDP Poly 4, 4.5, 5"
PDP Pro 4.6", 5.1"
PDP SF 4, 4.5, 5"
PPQ 4" & 5"
PPQ Q4 4"
PPQ Q5 5"
P99 4"

* Only compatible with ZRTS Compensator. We cannot confirm compatibility with any other brand. Specifically will not work with Harrington Arms Compensator without modification

Key Features:

1. Recoil Reduction

The primary function of the ZR Tactical Solutions guide rod is to minimize recoil. The proprietary spring system effectively absorbs and dissipates recoil energy, resulting in smoother shooting and reduced muzzle rise while adding over 3 times the mass of the factory Plastic guide rod.  Our spring options allow you to tune the system to your ammunition.

2. Stainless Steel Construction

Swiss turned from Brass, the guide rod is built to withstand rigorous use and ensure long-lasting performance. Its robust construction adds 33 grams of  weight to the firearm while providing exceptional durability. 

3. Proprietary Spring System

The guide rod incorporates a specially designed spring that is optimized for the Walther PDP. This spring's unique characteristics contribute to the effective reduction of felt recoil, enhancing shooting comfort and accuracy.  Available in multiple weights

4.  Installation

The ZR Tactical Solutions guide rod is designed for hassle-free installation by eliminating the need for any washer or front cap. Simply replace the factory guide rod with this upgraded version to experience immediate improvements in firearm handling.


  • Improved Control: Reduced recoil translates to better control over the firearm, allowing for more accurate and consistent shooting.

  • Enhanced Comfort: Minimized muzzle rise leads to increased shooting comfort, particularly during extended range sessions.

  • Customization: The guide rod is compatible with the Walther PDP, offering shooters the flexibility to tailor their firearm to their specific preferences.

The ZR Tactical Solutions Recoil-Reducing Guide Rod is a valuable enhancement for the Walther PDP, providing shooters with improved control and comfort while reducing felt recoil. With its durable billet construction and proprietary spring system, this guide rod is a practical addition to any Walther PDP owner's arsenal.

Lifetime Warranty on the rod. Spring life is not guaranteed due to variations in ammunition and condition. Used gun parts cannot be returned. No refunds on springs.