Steyr Scout Barrel Cut & Thread Service


  • Barrel machining service
  • Customer specifies length to cut (16″ default)
  • .223, .243, .308 barrel option
  • Choose either 1/2″-28 thread or 5/8″-24 (.243 and .308 only)
  • Quick 1-2 week turnaround after receipt
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This is a barrel machining SERVICE we provide to cut the barrel to the customer’s specified length and re-thread Steyr Scout barrels. We can do .223, .308, or .243 barrels. This service is primarily for non-threaded barrels. Customer can choose from 1/2″-28″ or 5/8″-24 thread when sending in their .308 or .243 barrel.

All barrels will be threaded to 1/2″-28 unless otherwise specified. (We cut 1/2″-28 threads instead of the factory 1/2″-20 thread because it eliminates the need for the adapter).

Customers will need to ship ONLY their barreled actions to us. If the entire gun/stock is shipped in to us, extra shipping charges will apply. Turnaround is 1-2 weeks after receipt of item.

After placing your order, print a copy of your receipt and send along with your barrel to:


15223 Herriman Blvd., Suite 4

Noblesville, IN 46060