Sphinx SDP Enhanced Trigger Kit


  • Extended 17-4 Stainless Firing Pin
  • Reduced power firing pin spring and hammer spring drops trigger pull 1-3.5lbs (SA & DA)
  • Fits SDP, Duty, Subcompact, and all Phoenix Fusion pistols AND B&T MKII
  • Extended pin ensures positive ignition with reduced power hammer springs

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ZRTS is now offering upgraded hammer springs for the Sphinx SDP line. These replacement springs will drop the single action pull 1lb and the double action 3-3.5lbs. Great upgrade for any owner! Includes firing pin spring to increase reliability along with our EXTENDED firing pin. FPS may require installation by a gunsmith. Cross pin is directional!!

The firing pin, when used in conjunction with our spring kit, allows for complete reliability while reducing trigger pull weight. The lengthened pin ensures positive ignition of even hard primers when using a reduced power firing pin spring. RETAINS FACTORY FIRING PIN SAFETY!

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