GSG 1911-22 +4 Follower 3 Pack!

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  • Increase the capacity of your 1911-22 magazine by 4 rounds!

3 pack of followers!
The GSG 1911-22 +4 follower bumps up the capacity of the factory GSG/SIG Magazine to a total of 14 round capacity with no other modifications! These work in the GSG  9-22 as well! The GSG 1911-22 +4 High Capacity Follower replaces the factory follower of the very popular 22LR pistol platform.
These followers are made of a very durable injection molded glass filled nylon.
Please be aware of all local laws to ensure this product is legal in your area. DO NOT REUSE THE PIN!

Short Description:
  • Increase the capacity of your 1911-22 magazine by 4 rounds!


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    Title of review 19412

    Posted by Carlo M. on May 9th 2019

    I evaluated 3 the follower not as a construction but as an idea. In the absence of the follower lowering lever of the original magazine. So I cut the stop base to the original follower and I got + 2 rounds. Then I will put basepad with + 3 rounds maintaining the original technique of the follower that allows me to load easily without resorting to external levers. Thanks again!

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    Title of review 19380

    Posted by Reagan Ford on May 8th 2019

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    Title of review 16899

    Posted by Glenn S. on Mar 12th 2019

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    Title of review 15073

    Posted by Phillip Thompson on Feb 18th 2019

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    Title of review 13196

    Posted by Gregory Roth on Dec 28th 2018

    Everything was shipped on time and to the right place and that's always my biggest fear when I order gun items is if it makes it to my house on time and that no one else receives it and zr tactical did a great job thanks I will repeat business

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    Title of review 12889

    Posted by James W. on Dec 13th 2018

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    Title of review 12632

    Posted by Zach Wagner on Dec 1st 2018

    You have to remove the PIN! If you leave the pin in the follower, it can't rise up to the final height!

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    Title of review 12630

    Posted by william livesey on Dec 1st 2018

    The 14 round follower kit does not hold open the slide, while it does not feed the last two rounds. Load 14 to use 12. The follower is too short.